About Album Xpress Suite

Album Xpress Suite
Complete Album Designing Workflow
  • Photo Management
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Photo Edit
  • Photo Selection
  • Album Selection
  • Album Designing
  • Album Proofing
  • Album Resize
  • Album Printing/Portability
  • Album Publicity
  • Album Plus


Photo Management

  • Select photos comfortably, from a full-screen view
  • Sort photos in the desired sequence
  • Organize and rename photos in batches for convenience
  • Enhance editing capacity by bringing photos to a normal size
  • Maintain folders with convenient photo movement across folders

Photo Enhancement

  • Post-capture primary BCG, RGB and Premier color correction.
  • Convenient tilting & cropping for multiple photos.
  • Combined filtering & resetting.
  • Artistic filters for photos demanding special appearance.
  • Seamless photo editing with Photoshop & supported Photoshop plugins

Photo Edit

  • Multi-layer image creation.
  • Easy green screen keying.
  • Highlighter brushing to retain beautiful colors in photos.
  • Skin tone perfection.
  • Easy erasing of unwanted parts

Photo Selection

Comfortable photo selection for photographers and Easy uploading through waterproofed, smaller size photos. Photo access to customers across multiple devices. Photo filtering and editing based on customer’s opinions.

Album Selection

  • ‘Ready to Design’ album configurations.
  • Customized size album designing.
  • Customizable cover and jacket preferences according to printing and binding preferences.

Album Designing

Different creation modes offering personalized workflows. Smart album designs with handcrafted layouts. Freedom to unleash the creativity within album templates. Convenient return to existing templates and decor collection.

Album Proofing

  • Multiple ways to get albums approved.
  • Cloud-based approval with unique access code.
  • Convenient access across devices around the world.
  • Commenting options on each page.
  • Easy access to comments while updating album design.

Album Resize

Resize to any orientation without stretching or squeezing.

Album Printing/Portability

  • Flexible output format to get an album printed from your favorite lab.
  • Easy page quality management.
  • Ability to print anywhere with universal output formats.
  • Smart spread split with only selection.
  • Fine touch album pages with Photoshop.
  • Personalized output by printer color profile.
  • Project portability with an inbuilt content backup

Album Publicity

Get mobile-friendly shareable digital e-albums. Add web links, page links, and videos to albums. View and share e-albums in a free app. Create unlimited new contacts through unlimited sharing with public contact pictures.

Album Plus

Make Photo Collages with a different look every time. Collage generation with shadow, outline or colorizing photos. Slideshow maker with photos or ready albums.

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