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Event Xpress

Event Xpress – For your Successful event photography

The key of the successful event 

  • Green screen photography is a great replacement for traditional methods of purchasing and carrying background set everywhere.
  • Capable of being used by anyone i.e. from a photo lab with established printing equipment looking for better green screen replacement to a professional photographer seeking to provide more options to their customers.

Simple event workflow

You can pre-configure events & navigate within screen during an event to make more prints & earn more profits.

Pre-event configuration

Make your event ready in advance. Set designs, photo path, client’s email, and Facebook account to share designs.



Single click chroma keying

A technique to remove a specified color from an image automatically. Remove the even color background of & replace it with any suitable background.

Single screen operation

From designing to photo editing, from placing the object to printing designs everything in a single screen to save time & facilitates to do more work in less time.


Enables direct printing of multiple copies in multiple sizes on multiple printers. Sharing the same designs directly through media

Post-event reporting

Track your earning. Inbuilt CSV record maker of each process with the order number, printing quantities, and emails sent.


Pre-event designing to save time.

Ready Designs

Ready designs that save your time. With a variety of ready designs, make events like graduations day, sports day. Fancy dress parties, Christmas celebrations. Even get ready designs like magazine covers, frames, natural scenes, etc. Ready to use designs in two orientations. Every design is alterable.

Make your own designs

With 450+, decors will make manual designing fast and easy. You are free to use your own material for designing.

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