Three Step Book Designing

Only three simple steps & your book is ready for preview. Enjoy the book preview before you send it for printing.
  • Real Book Preview considering margins & binding
  • Add or Delete Book Pages
  • Possibility of Book Customization

Select Mode

8 Book creation Modes to choose from. Each Mode has its own Theme and layout selection facility.

Select Photos

Enhance and select photos with comfortable full screen photo selection.

Ready for Output

Book is ready to print.Each page has a wonderful layouting based on book binding and photo selection. Get output in JPG, PDF depending on printing machine.


Theme Collection suitable for different photo types and styles.


1200+ Layouts in different orientation in artistic, simple and standard style.


500+ Decors to fill the page. Collection of Backgrounds, cliparts, frames, masks and much more.

Title Presets

Set title appearance instantly with ready title presets.

Smart Page Composition

Easy to use interface which helps you to design the pages much faster. Lock-unlock the objects, Swap photos, Rotate them, Resize photo with or without frame. Collection of layouts, themes and decors to compose page faster.

Book Creation Modes

Smart Book

  • Smartest Way of designing Book.
  •  One Full Size Photo per Page.
  • Photos automatically gets Fit in any Size Book without Squeezing or Stretching.

Grid Book

  • Different Grid layouts for Different size books.
  • Photo gets fit in any Grid Size without Squeezing or Stretching.
  • Select photo per page and the grid is auto formed as per photo selection and size of the book.

Perfect Book

  • Books which narrates stories of the events.
  • Suitable for Event Photos.
  • No Squeezing or Stretching.

Easy Book

  • Varieties of layouts available to choose one of your choice.
  • Theme, layout and photos of your choice and photo book is ready.
  • Photos fitted in chosen layout automatically.
  • No Squeezing or Stretching.

Creative Book

  • Every page with a different layout.
  • Layouts of your choice.
  •  Auto Fitting of photos in chosen layouts without Squeezing or Stretching.

Traditional Book

  • Book for those who love to see their photos in traditional sizes.
  • Photos fits in small or medium size as per your choice without Squeezing or Stretching.
  •  Variety of layouts for traditional photo sizes.

Catalogue Book

  • Auto photo grid formation.
  • Layouts choice according to photo count per page.
  • Photo gets fit in any layout.
  • Includes title with every Photo.
  • No Squeezing or Stretching.

Ready Book

  • Collect of Ready Book Projects.
  • Use books designed by you as Ready projects.

Manual Creation

Right from the size of the Book up to the design, everything set by you.
  • Create your book in the size of your choice. You can add new sizes as well.
  • Use Theme of your choice or just build pages with Backgrounds.
  •  Photo layouts according to the design. Create or customize the layouts and build pages faster.
  • Import decors from external location and use them with high level of flexibility.