Contact embedding with every eAlbum

Every eAlbum that you publish carries your profile. It includes your studio name, contact number, email address, and much more. It sends your contact to all the relatives and friends of bride and groom.

Digitalized eAlbums

Create eAlbums in no time and get them in mobile through free Album Xpress App. These albums can boost your business as you can offer eAlbum services to your printed album clients. Having these albums in mobile, your clients can freely share them to others and ultimately you get more contracts.

Digital portfolio

Now get rid of all the printed portfolios because your mobile can be your portfolio. Create your digital portfolio simultaneously. Carry your portfolio everywhere. Now all the published albums can be seen and shown in your mobile through Album Xpress App.

Free sharing of eAlbums through App

Once the eAlbum is downloaded in your mobile, you can share it for free and that too for unlimited times to anyone. Your contact also gets shared with every eAlbum share and hence it gives you reach which was otherwise impossible.