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Get mobile friendly shareable digital e-albums. Add web links, page links and videos to it.
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Album Xpress App

  • eAlbum is the way to view and share Albums in the mobile era.
  • In Album Xpress Suite; designed album project can be published as an eAlbum.
  • eAlbums can be viewed in Free Mobile App “Album Xpress”
  • Download App and View Sample Albums ALBM – 1166, ALBM – 1234, AWQF-3649, ALBM-1144, CHGW- 3170

Album Xpress Online

  • eAlbums can also be viewed on website
  • View Sample Albums: ALBM-1166, ALBM-1234, AWQF-3649, ALBM-1144, CHGW-3170
Include Profile

Include Profile

  • A designer can have his profile embed with designed ealbum.
  • Designer’s contact get viewed as well as shared along with ealbum.
  • Profile can have album samples as a portfolio and contact info with personal details.


  • Any viewer can place an order with designer directly through app.

Publish any Album

  • Any and every one can make these Next Gen Albums out of their designed albums.
  • Download this Free software ALBUM XPRESS PUBLISHER to publish Albums designed in software other than Album Xpress
Publish any album
Easy to share on social media

Easy to Share

  • These next gen albums can be shared easily through available sharing media options on device.