Simplified Workflow

Imposition Xpress makes preprinting process easy by giving

Batch Color Correction

Print finest color output with color management of images according to printer's gamut.


Batch splitting of large images with automatic split line locator.

Getting Ready

Print with logo on all images. Inbuilt inner white cover creator for accurate imposition and binding.


Batch image resizing to printer’s size with inbuilt ready sizes. Customizable sizes for unordinary job printing.


Proper renaming is a key to accurate imposition. Auto & manual batch renaming with customizable naming format.


You can get the packages in JPG and PDF format. It helps you to print files on both types of printers.

Direct Print

Imposing Controls

Any type imposition with freedom of imposition style selection.

Ready Packages

Simplified imposition for regular jobs. Ready packages of various page sizes with different printing size layout.

Print File Name

Workflow that helps beyond printing. Helping accurate binding by printing file names. Manage font style and size and even manage the position according to cutting style.

Print Cut marks

Cut marks printing with one mouse click. Make cutting process fast and error free.

Create Own Package

Package creation of any page and image size to fulfil special requirements of customers and printers of the pages. Supports simplex, duplex package making with any image size and binding type. Defining page and image size is enough and rest of the things are managed by software.