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Tools to Create cut out images, Easy green screen keying, highlighter brushing, Skin tone perfection by removing blemishes, wrinkles, spots, and marks.
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  • Create cutout images with a lasso cutting tool.
  • Add multiple layers to a single image.
  • Invert layers to remove selected part in final output.
  • Get Instant preview of cutout image


  • Retain colors of important parts of the photo.
  • Keep desired part in Black and White.
  • Manage colors with a correction tool.


  • Chroma tool to remove chroma green screen.
  • Feather and tolerance adjustments for chroma keying.
  • Correction tool to retrieve the required part of photo.

Touch Up

  • Simple photo touch-ups for even skin tones.
  • Remove blemishes, wrinkles, spots, and marks from faces in images.


  • Cutting tool to remove unwanted areas of photos.
  • Simple brush eraser with flexible brush size, feather and tolerance.