Photo management

Photo Management

Sort, rename & resize photos to normal size in batches. Maintain folders with convenient photo movement across folders.
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  • Resize images to easily accommodate into albums.
  • Reduce size by percentage or set width and height.
  • Maintain aspect ratio while resizing.
  • Maintain printability of photos through quality indicators


  • Copy photos easily in a single folder
  • Sort by time and rombine photos clicked with different cameras.
  • Define a prefix text and suffix count format and rename all photos instantly


  • Sort photos by capture time, size, orientation and approval status.
  • Determine sorting order in ascending or descending style and get photos displayed in required order.
Photo Sorting

Copy / Move

  • Store approved/sorted photos into another folder.
  • Sort and copy photos easily within the software.

Viewing & Selection

  • Comfort of full screen view for photo selection.