Get in the photos directly from the walk-in customer's connected devices. You can import photos from internal and external hard drives, CD/DVD or USB drives.

Simplified Interface

Easy to use interface making photo importing simple and quick.

Quality Indicator to avoid bad prints

Always offer Quality prints to your customers. Quality indicators to avoid bad prints.


Set photo print sizes and quantities for one, many or all photos at a time. Get instant print count and pricing as you go on updating print size and quantity.

Choose from Ready Sizes

Get standard print sizes inbuilt in software. Just size selection will resize the photos in the selected size.

Create print size you looking for

We welcome your Print specifications. Add your print sizes in software according to selected Units and DPI. Also, quote desired printing price.

Mention the quantity

Like photo size, you can also manage printing quantity for one, many or all the photos. You can set up to 500 copies of any selected photo.


Beautify your photos for awesome prints. Add some creativity to photos with frames, cliparts and texts.

Individual photo Color correct

Manage Brightness, contrast and gamma according to the photo features. Also, manage RGB values with simple sliders.

Multiple Photo Correction

Faster Photo editing for multiple photos having same correction needs. Manage BCG and RGB with simple sliders.

Add text & Clip art

fulfill customer's requirements like adding texts or cliparts on photos. Enjoy inbuilt cliparts and text presets.

Face Area Adjustment

Make the face area adjustments right and accurate with the smartest 'Face Area' tool. It Provides simplest way to indicate the face area percentage on the photo. You can define the face area size in percentage and color for guideline which will indicate the face area on the photo. It makes the most critical task a matter of few clicks.

Photo Rotation within frame

Adjust the tilt within the frame with rotation tool.

Clock & Counterclockwise rotation

Go for instant rotation of photo in clockwise and counterclockwise with 'Rotate' buttons.


Instant printing of orders on connected printers. Go for Auto imposition to save on printing cost. In case, you opt for imposition, you can easily set margin and spacing and also add instant cut marks.

Instant auto Imposition

Single click imposition of photos when your printer supports large paper prints. Save on paper cost and also manual imposition time.

Print Individual Photo

In case, you are printing on small size printers, you can print individual photos.

Choose your printing size

Find all the sizes that are supported by your printer. Choose the size that you want to print and it's done.

Output in JPG

Want to print later? no worries. Generate JPG of photos in selected size and print anytime anywhere.

Add Watermark / Logo on prints

When you want to approve before order processing, put your watermark on images. Watermark can be any text or any image. Also, reduce photo size and send photos for approval faster.

Choose Color profile

Export photos with the color profile your printer supports.