Trent Tidmore

I recently bought the Album Xpress software because it was pretty reasonably priced. I completed a portrait session where the client wanted an album. With no training at all I started up the software and was able to drop in the photos, and create the album. I had one question though, and emailed the help line. Their service was amazing. The agent called me, connected to my laptop and showed me how to do what I needed. It took just a couple of minutes and my album was done!

Ashley's Digital Photography

The best designs and easy to use tools with variety of templates for making albums, backgrounds and Clip Arts makes costumers happy and it makes my album designs very easy. Costumer support is also one of the best rated 10 out of 10 when it came to help us before and after purchasing the software. Thank you so much ALBUM XPRESS. Hope 2014 will be successful year. --Jude Joseph

Image Productions Photos & Videos

I would like to first say ``WOW``! I am totally amazed at how fast you have developed Album Xpress software to be user friendly and listened to ``us`` the users to make this album design software so easy to use, I have used many programs to edit albums and I just cant leave DG Flick alone. I have not been able to edit faster with any other program ever!. _ Don White

Salvador Garcia

I bought this product in PMA Las Vegas 2012 and has been great, I do my job faster and easier because of the pre-made templates, they are alot of sizes, colors and styles to choose from. I recommend this software to my friends and partner photographers.

Nicholas Durante

``Album Xpress has contributed to a significant increase in our bottom line, while at the same time streamlining our workflow.`` DgFlick Album Xpress has become our go-to tool for effectively and efficiently generating a wide variety of templates for albums, books, press print cards, and traditional prints. The versatility of the software, combined with its modest learning curve combined to have us up and running quickly.

Hector Contreras

I always wanted to find an album design program that could save me some time with my designs and that was easy to use. After looking at many programs, i decided to use DGflick Album Xpress. With the great variety of design templates, different sizes and with the new tool to import files from PS, it makes my album designs very easy.

Moshe Gottlieb

DgFlick Album Xpress is a wonderful piece of software, used for creating Photo Albums. It allows you to be creative and express your individual artistry, and at the same time has options for automatic album creations. There are so many options within the software, including album size number of pages, and many, many, templates to choose from. The company has a wonderful support staff, and they are easily available, to answer and guide you, to help you create your projects.

Curtis Conner

I first heard of this Album Xpress software by DgFlick from a friend & purchased it through B&H photo. What I’ve liked most about this software is the ‘variety of templates’ available. I think it is one of the most superior software I have come up with, as it also provides the features of Photoshop. Prompt customer support with the help of a live demonstration through remote access. As remote is greater aspect to get in touch and troubleshoot the problem.

Joyce Holt

``I find it very easy to use because I can always make improvements in Albums. This outstanding program has helped me to put together large number of albums.``

Laura & Randy Pollard

``Having been a professional photographer for around 20 years, I have found that I can design a whole album from start to ready to order in less then an hour in Album Xpress. It is easier…. and more profitable!``

Luciana Vassoler

``The album Xpress is the program that I dreamed of! I can diagram efficiently and quickly and it still gives me the freedom to customize the layout. It is very easy and uncomplicated. Make it easier for my day and my workfow. Thank you DgFlick.``

Vinoth Venugopal

``Simply Amazing software that creates album with 300 photos within half a day. Awesome Layouts and templates to give simplest idea of how the photos on the page will look like.``