Story of Formation

DgFlick was started in April 2010 by the Professionals who enjoyed working together for a number of years having experience in diverse areas like Software Programming, Testing, Designing, Packaging, Stores, Product Management, Sales and Marketing, but in single Vertical of Photo.  

Word “Digital” changed a lot in every Business & Photo is not the exception. Photo Business suddenly started suffering because Photographers / Studios could not respond to this change faster than their consumers & allowing Consumers to only store & Share Photos.

 Every Problem has opportunity hidden. DgFlick was formed to make “Digital” in favor of Photo Business by developing Software to create & customize various interesting Articles using Photos; every software of DgFlick became an opportunity for studios for the problem they used to face with ‘Digital’ and now Every Software of DgFlick is giving Consumers a reason to go to Photo Studio & get Articles made.  

Today’s Position  

Most popular Name in Worldwide Photo Industry having 500,000 users in 70+ Countries 

Works with 250+ Album Companies / Print Labs all across the world to print 8000+ Album Orders every day.   

Working with large MNCs in Photo Market like CeWe Color, Kodak Alaris, Fujifilm, Konica Minolta, DNP to make different Photo Article Creations or Photo Ordering Solutions.

Our USPs

Smart, Fast & User Friendly Software
Constant Innovation & Frequent Upgrades ·       
Inbuilt Tutorials        
14 + Languages
Free Lifetime Support to users

Our Vision

Enrich Community with Experience & Enrich Experience with Community

Our Mission

Offer Variety of solutions in form of Products as well as Services to enrich Community. Innovation is constant process to enhance Solutions to fulfil Community s growing demands.

Core Values  

In order to achieve our mission, we have committed ourselves to a set of Core Values that guide us as we work and relate with all our stakeholders

  • Transparency

DgFlick embraces transparency at all practical, and sometimes where impractical. All information, both internal and external, is public by default. We are not afraid of being honest with ourselves, our staff and our customers.

Work with Heart & Balance

Working with heart means really caring about what we re making and doing it s a mission, not just a job. When we work with balance we take into account how initiatives and decisions will affect our colleagues, our customers and our stakeholders.

Customers are reason why we exist

When we make internal decisions we ask ourselves "how will this affect our customers?" If the answer is that it would make their life more difficult, then we need to find a better way. We want them to be satisfied.

We are Team

We want all staff members to feel like they work with DgFlick, not for DgFlick. We think its important to have fun with your workmates while working and contributing to the DgFlick team. Be the change you seek "We need to be the change we wish to see in the world".

At DgFlick we encourage everyone to create positive change. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our company, our services and our environment. 

After all, change is the only constant.  Perfection It starts from smallest thing. Starts with Planning which helps break each and every job down to the smallest possible level of execution.


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